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Oldham Athletic
Written by Mark W   
Monday, 01 October 2012 18:19

That time has come where the lone voices questioning the manager’s position has turned into more of a heated debate. It always comes eventually and it is rare that a manager can win them all back once the questions start to be aired.


There is no doubt that Latics are underperforming this season. We’ve got a decent starting eleven, better I would say than we had last year. The squad itself is very thin but with the team that we are currently able to put out we should certainly not have found ourselves sucked into the bottom four.


It is no surprise, therefore, that Paul Dickov finds himself under pressure. We look at the likes of Montano and Croft on the wing and can see so much opportunity for chances to be created. We look at Derbyshire in the middle with Baxter just behind him and see players who have the ability to capitalise on those chances. The defenders are making far too many individual errors but for the most part look solid enough and in the middle of the park we’ve got two players who proved last season that they are above average for League One. Despite this it is difficult to see where our next goal, and certainly our next win is going to come from. The only logical explanation is that it’s the manager’s fault.


I am not going to put forward an argument that I do not blame Dickov, I believe that the responsibility lies squarely on his shoulders but I do not believe that the automatic solution is to sack him. Chairmen are very quick these days to pull the trigger when things start going wrong but what good does it actually do? We’ve had eight managers in the last ten years (excluding caretakers who only got the odd game) and we have gained nothing. It’s easy to change managers, it takes guts to stick by them and give them time.


A manager is given a job to do at the start of each season and should be given the opportunity to do it. If a manager is told that he must be top ten after fifteen games, then fine, replace him if he fails but if a manager is told to keep a team up over the duration of the season, he should be given the chance to do so, even if the campaign starts badly. There were some who thought Dickov was lucky to make it through the summer but he did and having started this season, he needs to be backed.


I have heard many comments that we are doomed this season, but that is far from the truth. As I’ve already stated we’ve got some good players and they are players that Paul Dickov has managed to bring to the club. There’s a lot a new players though and they are taking longer than we’d like to gel. It may be that they never gel, but I still think Dickov deserves the chance to try.


My views on how managers should be treated have changed over the years. I was very vocal in calling for a number of manager’s heads; Sharp, Talbot and Moore spring to mind. I look back now, however and think I was probably misguided. We need some continuity at the club and the Boundary Park revolving door has played some part in why we are where we are.


I am pleased to see that despite the negative feeling towards Dickov by some, this has not resulted in chants for him to go at matches. That really does do nothing to help the team and I think it shows that underneath, most fans want him to do well.


I hope that Latics fans can be won round and that we can put together the run of results that will allow this to happen.

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